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Sustainable Energy Division

Sustainable Energy Division (SED) is responsible for the Policy Development and implementation of all core Sustainable Energy Initiatives and Projects, in particular Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EEC) & Renewable Energy (RE) projects. The division is also accountable to ensure that all EEC & RE projects shall be an Integral Part towards Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

The units under SED are as below:

Renewable Energy (RE) Unit

Renewable Energy Unit is responsible for promoting and developing all plans and programs related to Renewable Energy (RE) nationwide. The roles and responsibilities of Renewable Energy Unit is to continuously monitor and facilitate the progress of Renewable Energy projects (off-grid and grid-connected) in Brunei Darussalam. To implement or facilitate Renewable Energy policies to increase the widespread use of renewable energy technologies in Brunei Darussalam. More information on RE services click here.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Unit

To facilitate the implementation of all EEC policy related matters and EEC plans of action which help to reduce energy consumption towards more efficient use of energy nationwide. More information on EEC here.