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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector?

*Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Name:hamba allah SWT
Complaint:assalamualaikum tuan. saya ingin membuat aduan mengenai company saya tuan. tenang kami punya company membuat rota sebulan kerja sebulan off di sebabkan convid 19 tapi dangar2 company kami nak buat permenant macam ambil kesempatan. orang luar di sini di buatkan jadual rota 2 minggu macam tidak adil. harap2 tuan dapat hubungi saya semula untuk lebih lanjut lagi tuan.
Date:18/06/2020 13:47
Date Of Issue Closed:18/06/2020 13:47
Complaint:I am working with J sdn bhd– We successful the rollover competency assessment conducted by G for KMM to rollover crew under contract C170015-Supplementary Maintenance Team Project.

We have been given offer letter of employment effective on 12th May 2020 with Basic monthly salary package XXX under six (6) months period of probation which is lower than my current basic salary YYY per month. New offer letter also given compensation package amount KKK after four (4) months of service and offshore allowance UUU  with overtime payment (x hourly rate) without any annual leave. We require to submit our acceptance or reject this offer not later than 15th June 2020.

It’s very hard for us to agree the offer given as the salary package is lower than L of our actual salary. If new hire will be agreed with that given amount (M) but like us, we worked almost 6 years experienced. We have been informed, all salary/offer package already approved/agreed by DF which our contract Holder can’t do anything on this matter. Our Contract holder can’t help much regarding salary package which only LK have rights to offer the package accordingly.

If we reject this offer as per mentioned offer, we might lost our job and it’s not easy to look for another job recently. We also have to pay for our living, debts and bank loans.& x.  Our concerned is, if they offer lower amount as per our actual salary, how we will survive every month especially on deduction for bank loan which is more than the basic salary given.

We did seek or highlight to a right authority but no respond from them.
Date:03/06/2020 15:12
Date Of Issue Closed:03/06/2020 15:12
Name:Usaha tasbih
Complaint:Meter display not working
Date:28/05/2020 00:25
Date Of Issue Closed:28/05/2020 00:25
Complaint:My employer has not pay my salary due to management/Human resource & logistic disagreement which ended up myself not to be paid due to timesheet not signed. Percuma krja sbulan inda bgaji and nada org tanggungjawab. Aku pulang membubut psl hal ane. Cali. Mun inda d check inda bgaji inda th kna byr tu. Sumpah ku... Mun ku inda tahan ku xxx ne orgnya untuk kpuasan ku.
Date:01/05/2020 12:13
Date Of Issue Closed:01/05/2020 12:13
Complaint:disini hamba kan mengomplain pasal kerja di kilang bata yang namanya YYYY.
kami pekerja disini baru menerima gaji bulan 11  masa 02.01.2020 dan gaji bulan dapannya makin lambat sampai lah masani. workers di kilang bata ani kan membayar belanja pun payah, apalagi yang sudah kawin apa. tatacara dah SOP di kilang ani inda sama dengan Headquarter dari segi gaji and kemudahan.

Driver lori di buruh kana buat as driver lori menghantar bata tapi disini supervisor menyuruh susun bata dan menghantar.

Supervisornya ani dalam buruh kana buat maintenance tapi kalau datang buruh, baru tah lari ke belakang apa buat kerja apa. ia ani bukan membimbing tapi kejahatan pulang ada ni. safety pun langsung nada

lain lagi makanan di kantin, kana jual inda berapa bersih. sijil pun nada. berapa banyak kali sudah nasinya ani ada ulat.

yang paling WIN kilang bata ani membuat main go kart ah. kalau orang awam betanya, misti gtau saja untuk perhiasan, biasalah ah menutup. padahal ia tah tu mengusai go kart. inda usai, POTONG GAJI.
Date:20/04/2020 11:26
Date Of Issue Closed:20/04/2020 11:26

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